Episode 99 - Top 5 Kickstarter Games

February 27, 2020

Ambie and Crystal discuss a couple games they've played recently, including Detective Stories: Case 1 - The Fire in Adlerstein and Betrayal Legacy. We then talk about the role of Kickstarter in board games and then share our top 5 Kickstarter games!

The Tale of Ord Review

November 15, 2018

Note: I received a free review copy of The Tale of Ord from PostCurious.

If you haven’t realized by now, I’ve been playing and reviewing a bunch of puzzle games recently, because I really enjoy these types of experiences. The latest one I’ve played through is The Tale of Ord, a puzzle adventure by PostCurious where you’re finding clues and puzzles through the packages in the game as well as through online resources.

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