Free Print-and-Play Games

April 18, 2023

In 2020 I started getting into print-and-play (PnP) games, specifically ones that are available for free. These are games where the files (rules and components) are made available online for you to print out at home and play! Sometimes you'll need to provide things like dice and counters, but most board gamers have some of those! I've made overview videos of a bunch of the games I played. Most/all of the games are available for free to print and play (or they were at the time I made the videos), and they're also playable solo. Here's the playlist on YouTube of all the videos I've made about free PnP games. The links to each overview video in the playlist are also below, grouped by type. Here's also a video on how I make PnP games.

Additionally, I made a list of some of them that I felt were worth it to print and play as a beginner to PnP!

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