Episode 206 - The 2023 Blitzies

April 4, 2024

Ambie and Crystal host the 2023 Blitzies, the annual awards show about the best games of the year!

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Intro: 0:00
Announcements: 0:37
The 2023 Blitzies: 1:51
--Best 2 Player Game: 2:40
--Best Strategy Game: 4:39
--Most Epic Game: 6:37
--Most Unique Theme: 8:30
--Best Dexterity Game: 9:51
--Best Party Game: 10:47
--Best Deduction Game: 12:48
--Best Trick Taking Game: 14:49
--Best Kid's Game: 15:43
--Best New To Us: 18:14
--Best Game of 2023: 21:37
--2023 Looking Forward to Recap: 24:00
--Looking Forward to in 2024: 25:54
Outro: 30:59

Games discussed this episode:
Sky Team: 2:53
Fiction: 3:31
Shake that City: 4:49
Tragedy Looper: New Tragedies: 5:52
Last Light: 6:45
Come Sail Away!: 8:55
Rafter Five: 9:53
That's Not a Hat: 11:03
Hooky: 13:02
FORK: 15:06
Story Time Backgammon: 15:56
Bluey Keepy Uppy: 16:41
Descent: Legends of the Dark: 18:27
Riichi Mahjong: 19:03
Skulls of Sedlec: 20:14
Blitzschnell!: 20:55
Freelancers: A Crossroads Game: 21:55
The Secret of Langton Manor: 22:29
That Escalated Quickly: 26:13
War Story: Ocuppied France: 26:38
The Queen's Dilemma: 27:37
Clank! Legacy 2: Acquisitions Incorporated - Darkest Magic: 27:56
Surfosaurus MAX: 28:58
Cabanga!: 29:25
ito: 29:53

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