Episode 194 - Healthy Gaming

October 19, 2023

Ambie and Crystal discuss a game they played recently, including Ariana Trench: The Ultimate Puzzle Book for Pirates, Head Trip, and Eye My Favorite Things. Then, we talk about our top 5 favorite games that have fruits and/or vegetables in them!

Intro: 0:00
Recent Games: 0:43
Fruit/Veggie Games: 11:51
Outro: 28:54

Games discussed this episode:
Ariana Trench: The Ultimate Puzzle Book for Pirates: 0:43
Head Trip: 3:13
Eye My Favorite Things: 7:42 (Kickstarter)
String Railway: 11:13

First Orchard: 13:50
Hungry as a Bear: 14:02
Tucano: 14:21
Durian: 15:12
Abandon All Artichokes: 16:23
Dungeon Petz: 17:52
Fruit Picking: 19:14
Salad Master: 20:54
Point Salad: 22:58
Kitchen Rush: 25:14
Cacao: 26:28

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