Episode 115 - One in A Hundred Part 2B

October 8, 2020

Ambie and Crystal discuss a couple games they've played recently, including Project L and Cartographers Heroes. We then finish our part two of our one in a hundred games list with our top game from each set of 100 in the top 1501-2000 ranked games on BoardGameGeek!

Recent Games: 0:45
One in a Hundred Part 2B: 9:28
Outro: 26:08
Bloopers: 27:04

Games discussed this episode:
Project L: 0:45 (Kickstarter)
Splendor: 1:25
Cartographers Heroes: 4:50
Cartographers: 4:55

Alea Iacta Est: 9:55
Order of the Gilded Compass: 10:01
Dr. Eureka: 10:59
Strike: 12:01
Rummikub: 12:18
The Ravens of Thri Sahashri: 13:02
Happy Pigs: 13:34
Muse: 16:22
A la carte: 17:29
1849: The Game of Sicilian Railways: 17:48
Zombie Dice: 19:13
Tokyo Highway: 19:56
Mountains of Madness: 21:57
Grifters: 22:32

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