Episode 110 - Listener Q&A

July 30, 2020

Ambie and Crystal discuss Break In Alcatraz, an escape room game that Ambie got a review copy of. We then have a Q&A episode where we answer a bunch of listener questions!

Announcements: 0:37
Recent Games: 2:27
Listener Q&A: 9:21
Outro: 38:05
Bloopers: 39:01

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Games discussed this episode:
Break In Alcatraz: 2:27
Unlock!: 3:21

Battlestar Galactica: 10:53
Cruciverbalist: 13:49
Castell: 14:48
Tragedy Looper: 15:06
Kingdomino: 15:30
Coloretto: 15:41
For Sale: 15:42
6 nimmt!: 15:54
Can't Stop: 16:07
Bites: 18:16
The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine: 18:23
Go Away Monster!: 25:23
The McDonald's Game: 26:56
1830: Railways & Robber Barons: 27:23
Sleuth: 27:28
Pounce!: 27:36
1849: The Game of Sicilian Railways: 31:07
High Society: 31:25

  • Why are you both so awesome?: 10:01
  • Is there a game that gives the 18xx vibe that isn't 18xx?: 10:26
  • Have you ever given thought to designing a board game?: 12:31
  • What is your favorite underrated game?: 14:44
  • What is your favorite game on boardgamearena?: 15:26
  • Have you learned any new skills/hobby during the pandemic?: 16:17
  • What have you played online that felt the same/different as offline?: 17:37
  • On average how many times have you played all the games in your collection: 18:47
  • Do you like to teach or be taught games or both?: 20:54
  • What's your favorite book/movie?: 22:25
  • Have you had a greater urge to cull more games during the pandemic?: 23:48
  • What is the first game you want to teach the twins?: 25:06
  • What happened to Board Game Brunch?: 25:40
  • What's the oldest game in your collection that you still love and play?: 26:50
  • What do you do to find your zen/peace when things get overwhelming?: 28:40
  • What is your favorite game that you are really bad at?: 30:39
  • What's your go to food during the pandemic?: 32:05
  • Is there anything that has happened out of necessity during quarantine that you think will be permanent change to gaming?: 33:57
  • What are some of your favorite/funniest bloopers?: 35:51

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