Episode 6 - GenCant with Suzanne Sheldon

August 4, 2016

Ambie, Cassadi, Crystal, and special guest Suzanne Sheldon discuss GenCant, the convention for all those people who can't go to Gen Con!

Suzanne Interview: 0:29
Outro: 27:57

Games played during GenCant:
Concept: 26:14 (Amazon)
Mysterium: 26:16 (Amazon)
Difference: 26:23 (Amazon)
Gloobz: 26:23 (Amazon)
Panic Lab: 26:27 (Amazon)
A Fake Artist Goes to New York: 26:38 (Amazon)

More info about GenCant:
Twitter: @gencant
BGG Guild
GenCant T-shirts

Find Suzanne here:
Twitter: @425suzanne
Board Game Breakfast

Ludology Episode 130: All of Us

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