Bonus Episode - Crystal and Ambie Discuss TI4

January 25, 2018

A couple weeks ago, Crystal decided to recap her first ever play of Twilight Imperium live on Twitch! This is the podcast version (you can see the video version here).

Start of Stream: 0:34
Mental Check in: 2:42
Twilight Imperium: 7:17 (Amazon)

Crystal's Audio Clips:
#1 - After Round 1: 12:56
#2 - Mid-Game: 23:52
#3 - Interview with Scott: 32:53

Dice Tower Kickstarter Plug: 41:10 (Kickstarter here)

Question - non-space 4x?: 45:19
Sneak Peak of 2017 Blitzies episode (Jan. 18): 48:05
Blitz Con Excitement: 1:02:23 (Blitz Con Info!)

Outro: 1:08:36

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