How to Play: For Sale

June 13, 2016

Our How to Play videos are designed to be short (but still complete) instructional videos, mainly for people who want an overview before playing with someone who knows how to play (in place of that person teaching the rules). Setup and refresh is usually in a separate video, since only one person needs to know the details.

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Hi! This is Ambie from Board Game Blitz, and today I'm gonna show you how to play For Sale.

Setup [0:08]
The goal of the game is to get the most money by buying and selling properties.

Shuffle the property cards and the currency cards separately. In a 3 player game, take out 6 of each type of card and remove them from the game without looking. With 4 players, take out 2 of each type. You use all the cards in a 5-6 player game. With 3-4 players, each player gets 18,000 in coins. With 5-6 players, each player gets 14,000 in coins.

Buying Phase Setup [0:30]
There are two phases - the buying phase and the selling phase. In the buying phase, each round you’ll set out a number of property cards equal to the number of players face up. The player who lives in the largest house goes first and play goes clockwise.

Buying Phase Round [0:38]
On your turn, you can do one of two things - bid or pass. If you bid, you need to bid higher than the previous player’s bid, and place your bid in front of you. If you had a previous bid, you just add to that so your total is higher than the other player’s bid. If you pass, you pay half your bid, rounded up, to the bank, and take back the rest of your bid. You also take the lowest value property showing from the middle, and you are done for the round. For example, if I had bid 3 in my previous turn and then passed, I would pay 2, take back 1, and I would get this property. You can pass without bidding anything and get the lowest value property for free. The round continues until everyone except one person has passed - that person pays their entire bid to the bank and gets the highest value property card. That person also goes first in the next round of bidding.

Property cards go face down in front of you. Rounds continue until the house deck is out of cards. Players keep their unused coins.

Selling Phase Setup [1:21]
In the selling phase, each round you’ll set out a number of currency cards equal to the number of players face up.

Selling Phase Round [1:26]
All players have their property cards in their hand, and choose one of their remaining property cards and play it face down. Everyone reveals their card simultaneously. The person with the most valuable property gets the highest value currency card, next highest gets the next highest, and so on. The property cards used are discarded.

Rounds continue until the players have sold all their properties.

End Game [1:43]
At the end of the second phase, all players count up their total money - the sum of their currency cards plus their unused coins from the buying phase. The player with the most money wins. The tiebreaker is the most coins.

And that's how you play For Sale. Thanks for watching Board Game Blitz!
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