Episode 29 - Escape Escapades

June 8, 2017

Ambie, Cassadi, and Crystal discuss some games they've played recently, including Brass: Lancashire, Paperback, and Clank!: Sunken Treasures. We then talk about board games that trap you or you have to escape. In this week's "Board Game Etymology" segment, Crystal discusses the origins of the word "escape."

Recent Games: 0:50
Escape Games: 12:19
Origins Events: 24:58
Board Game Etymology - 'Escape': 26:31
Outro: 27:56
Bloopers: 29:00

Games discussed this episode:
Brass: Lancashire: 1:17 (Amazon)
Paperback: 4:24 (Amazon)
Clank!: Sunken Treasures: 8:29 (Amazon)
Clank!: 8:29 (Amazon)

Escape Room Board Games: 13:03
Escape Room: The Game (Amazon)
Escape the Room: Mystery at the Stargazer's Manor (Amazon)
EXIT: The Game - The Abandoned Cabin (Amazon)
EXIT: The Game - The Pharoah's Tomb (Amazon)
Unlock! (Amazon)

T.I.M.E. Stories: 16:30 (Amazon)
Betrayal at House on the Hill: 17:46 (Amazon)
Betrayal at Baldur's Gate: 18:21
Escape: The Curse of the Temple: 18:53 (Amazon)
Gravwell: Escape from the 9th Dimension: 21:03 (Amazon)
Forbidden Island: 22:14 (Amazon)
Forbidden Desert: 22:14 (Amazon)
The Omega Virus: 24:04 (Amazon)

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