Announcing Board Game Blitz T-Shirts!

March 31, 2017

We have some exciting news! We have partnered with Analog Gamer to make Board Game Blitz shirts and they are available for pre-order now through April 22.

The shirts will ship in May so you'll have them in time for all the big gaming conventions this summer!

First, we wanted to do something fun, so we designed a special shirt that references our 30-minute length and harkens back to 80s and 90s pizza chains that had delivery-in-30-minutes-or-it's-free guarantees. The pizza featured on the shirt is topped with various board game components along with our signature hourglass. 

Then we also have a basic tee with our podcast logo on it that you can get in colors that correspond with all three of our favorite player colors (blue, pink, and purple).

A portion of the proceeds from shirt sales goes directly to us, so by purchasing one you'll look great AND be supporting our show directly!

We also just hit our $50 funding goal on Patreon and we are beyond grateful. We're all a little nervous to tackle the Beanboozled challenge (yup, all three of us are going to do it!) but it should be tons of fun to watch, so keep an eye on our social media pages for info about when that livestream will take place (hopefully in the next month or so).

We know a lot of podcasts think their fans are the best, but we can't imagine a group of fans better than you guys. We are honored that you choose to listen to our show and support us in any way you can, so thank you thank you thank you for everything.

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