Episode 1 - Conventions

May 26, 2016

Convention season is right around the corner! In the inaugural episode of Board Game Blitz, Ambie, Cassadi, and Crystal discuss some games they've been playing recently including Ghost Blitz, Medieval Academy, and Carcassonne. We then discuss games that are great to play at conventions whether you're looking for something long and epic (like Twilight Imperium) or quick and portable (like Zombie Dice). In the "Accessory of the Week" segment, board game bags are the item of discussion and we share our preferences for moving our games around when we travel to conventions or other gaming events. Crystal also asks for feedback regarding what color she should choose for her Game Canopy bag that she recently backed on Kickstarter. In this week's "Board Game Etymology" segment, Crystal discusses the origins of the word "convention." Finally, we discuss some convention tips we've learned over the years.

Intro & Convention talk: 0:21
Recent Games: 1:31
Games for Conventions: 8:45
Accessory of the Week - Gaming Bags: 14:22
Board Game Etymology - 'Convention': 20:01
Convention Tips: 21:52
Outro: 25:09
Bloopers: 26:30

Vote for Crystal's bag color here!

Games discussed this episode:
Ghost Blitz: 1:39 (Amazon)
Medieval Academy: 3:56 (Amazon)
Carcassonne: 6:25 (Amazon)
Food Chain Magnate: 10:26 (Amazon)
Zombie Dice: 12:37 (Amazon)
Rolling Japan: 13:10 (Amazon - Rolling America)

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