Episode 209 - The Momcast

May 16, 2024

Ambie and Crystal discuss a couple games they played recently, including Floating Floors and Nimalia. Then, we are joined by our special guests - our moms - to talk about their experience playing games when they were kids, when we were kids, and now! Also, the etymology segment makes a surprise comeback as Crystal discusses the origins of the word 'mamma.'

Intro: 0:00
Recent Games: 0:55
Gaming Moms: 7:05
Etymology - 'Mamma': 28:07
Outro: 29:51
Bloopers: 30:46

Games discussed this episode:
Floating Floors: 0:55
Nimalia: 4:30

Monopoly: 7:38
Hanabi: 9:02
Bananagrams: 9:28
Words With Friends: 10:12
Wordle: 10:48
Quordle: 10:49
Mystery Date: 11:57
Dream Crush: 12:37
The Little Mermaid: 13:42
Rummikub: 14:47
Trouble: 15:30
Clue: 15:59
Guess Who?: 16:57
Dungeons & Dragons: 19:32
Return to Dark Tower: 22:00
Mouse Trap: 22:45
Pitch: 23:46
Spades: 23:47
Hearts: 23:48
Touring: 23:52
Blackjack: 24:30
Euchre: 24:53
Pinochle: 25:08

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