Episode 186 - We’re Trapped!

June 29, 2023

Ambie and Crystal discuss a couple games they played recently, including Dog Park: New Tricks, Blitzschnell!, and My First Escape Game: The Magical Forest. Then, we talk about real life escape rooms games and what we love and don't love about them (and how that's similar to our board game interests).

Intro: 0:00
Recent Games: 0:45
Escape Rooms: 10:45
Outro: 33:18
Bloopers: 34:31

Watch the playthrough of Dog Park: New Tricks (now on Kickstarter)

Games discussed this episode:
Dog Park: New Tricks: 0:58
Dog Park: 1:28
Blitzschnell!: 4:52
My First Escape Game: The Magical Forest: 7:25
The Little Prince's Journey (Escape Kit): 9:19

The Escape Game: 11:41
Escapeology: 20:24
Palace Games: 21:42
Real Escape Game by SCRAP: 22:30
Jungala: 23:44
Star Trek: Quantum Filament: 24:23
Escape Room in a Box: 29:34
The Werewolf Experiment: 30:10
PostCurious: 30:44
The Emerald Flame: 30:48
Key Enigma: 31:09

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