Training Games: Here, Fishy, Fishy!

February 22, 2021

by Ambie Valdés
This is part of a series called Training Games, where I review children's games when playing (with modified rules) with my twin toddlers. This review was written when my twins were 17 months old.

Here, Fishy, Fishy! Is a game that uses the box to hold different colored wooden fish with magnets in them. You roll a colored die and use a fishing rod to get that fish, and then you place a matching colored cardboard piece in your scoreboard, trying to fill it with all the colors.

I haven’t even tried playing with the cardboard parts of this game yet, but my kids love playing with the box, the six wooden fish, and the die. The magnets are embedded in the fish, so they don’t fall out and are safe for chewing. I started letting my kids play with it at ~14 months. At first I also let them play with the fishing rod, but I was worried they would chew through the rope that attaches the bait, so now I keep that part in the box.

Excited to play with the fishies!

At 17 months, we don’t really play an organized game of this one. I bring the pieces out with the box bottom, and my kids love taking the box bottom and flipping it over to look at the picture of a baby on the back. I try getting them to roll the die and pick colored fish, but they mostly like chewing on the fish or just dumping the box and putting the fish back in. The box is also the perfect size for sitting in, which can make it get a little bent.

Yes, that's a baby!

Chew Test
  • Wooden Fish: 5/5 - very durable and the magnets don’t fall off
  • Fishing Rod: 3/5 - wooden parts are durable, but the string part got a little frayed after some chewing
  • Box: 2/5 - thinner cardboard and gets marks and bent/warped from biting and sitting in the box
  • Score boards: 3/5 - thick cardboard with smaller cutouts and I haven’t tested them
  • Dice: 4/5 - wooden and very durable but can fit in the mouth

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