Episode 11 - For Shame!

September 29, 2016

Ambie, Cassadi, and Crystal discuss some games they've played recently, including Junk Art, Monster Factory, and A Fake Artist Goes to New York. We then discuss our shame games - popular games we haven't played yet. In this week's "Board Game Etymology" segment, Crystal discusses the origins of the word "lose."

Recent Games: 0:48
Shame Games: 12:33
Board Game Etymology - 'Lose': 24:01
Outro: 25:10
Bloopers: 25:48

Games discussed this episode:
Junk Art: 1:11 (Amazon)
Flick 'em Up!: 2:42 (Amazon)
Animal Upon Animal: 3:34 (Amazon)
Monster Factory: 4:15 (Amazon)
A Fake Artist Goes to New York: 5:55 (Amazon)
Spyfall: 7:28 (Amazon)
Captain Sonar: 10:50 (Amazon)

Stone Age: 16:06 (Amazon)
Lords of Waterdeep: 16:26 (Amazon)
Brass: 17:25 (Amazon)
Steam: 17:27 (Amazon)
Power Grid: 18:05 (Amazon)
Twilight Struggle: 19:23 (Amazon)
Terra Mystica: 21:04 (Amazon)
Caverna: 21:05 (Amazon)
Agricola: 21:06 (Amazon)

Victory Point Cafe: 0:54
MeepleCon: 16:45

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