Episode 90 - Q&A

October 10, 2019

In this special episode, Ambie and Crystal answer a bunch of questions from listeners!

Announcements: 0:40
Q&A: 1:52
Outro: 45:28
Bloopers: 46:40

  • What kid's games are you looking forward to playing with the babies?: 2:43
  • You have to design a game about rivers flooding and how a city handles it - what’s the main mechanism of the game?: 3:52
  • What game(s) brought you into the hobby?: 6:00
  • Do you ever feel the joy of gaming gets lost in the cult of the new?: 8:15
  • What's your prediction in the next 5-10 years for BGB, board games, and 18xx?: 10:07
  • If Ambie had to pick a board game related name for her baby, what name would she pick?: 12:31
  • What game is oop that you wish you owned?: 14:01
  • How long have you been singing & how/why did you get started?: 16:09
  • Is it ever quiet with 3 dogs in the house?: 17:02
  • Is a hot dog a sandwich?: 17:41
  • Who's the person you've twitter met that you want to meet in real life?: 18:43
  • What's the best board game pet/mascot?: 21:44
  • What is the earliest game you can remember playing?: 22:29
  • It's secret Santa time: what game do you get for Lin-Manuel Miranda? For Patrick Stewart?: 23:20
  • Soda or Pop?: 24:39
  • What's one con you haven't attended but would like to?: 25:28
  • What is your go to game night food?: 26:25
  • How did you two meet and start this podcast?: 27:02
  • Who's your favorite designer?: 29:19
  • Do you have a theme or IP you wish they made more games out of?: 31:45
  • What style of game outside of your wheelhouse would you like to explore if time/money were not issues?: 33:44
  • How many times should I play a game before I rate it?: 35:01
  • How has Blake Bortles never been in the alliteration puzzle?: 37:32
  • Is there anything that surprises you about the BGG guild top 50?: 38:43
  • Has doing videos for TDT impacted content on the podcast?: 39:44
  • Was the baby room decorated with anything Kirby?: 41:04
  • What were your early expectations about podcast and how have things turned out differently?: 41:44

Games discussed this episode:
Go Away Monster!: 3:03 (Amazon)
Robot Turtles: 3:35 (Amazon)
Dominion: 6:26 (Amazon)
Tichu: 6:29 (Amazon)
Arkham Horror: 6:40 (Amazon)
Mansions of Madness: Second Edition: 11:24 (Amazon)
Runebound (Third Edition): 15:21 (Amazon)
Legacy of Dragonholt: 23:53 (Amazon)
Rescue Polar Bears: 24:27 (Amazon)
On a Scale of One to T-Rex: 30:19 (Amazon)
Strike: 38:54 (Amazon)

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