Episode 69 - Gettin' Silly Wit It

January 3, 2019

Ambie and Crystal discuss a couple games they've played recently, including Go Away Monster! and Catch the Moon. We then have another top 5 list with our top 5 silly games!

Recent Games: 0:36
Top 5 Silly Games: 6:19
Outro: 33:59
Bloopers: 35:04

Games discussed this episode:
Go Away Monster!: 0:36 (Amazon)
Catch the Moon: 3:36 (Amazon)
Strike: 7:28 (Amazon)
Walk the Plank!: 8:05 (Amazon)
Cheeky Monkey: 9:55 (Amazon)
Happy Salmon: 11:36 (Amazon)
Moods: 11:52 (Amazon)
Igloo Pop: 14:35 (Amazon)
Heartthrob: 16:26 (Amazon)
Monikers: 19:39 (Amazon)
Time's Up!: 19:44 (Amazon)
Atmosfear/Nightmare: 22:23 (Amazon)
Bunny Bunny Moose Moose: 25:52 (Amazon)
Call of the Wild: 29:06
dude: 31:37 (Amazon)

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