Episode 57 - Dice Tower Con 2018 Recap

July 19, 2018

Ambie and Crystal discuss a bunch of the games they played and the people they met at Dice Tower Con!

Announcements: 0:44
Dice Tower Con: 4:49
Outro: 30:13
Bloopers: 31:26

Games discussed this episode:
Twilight Imperium: 5:22 (Amazon)
Megaland: 10:21
Incan Gold: 10:32 (Amazon)
Las Vegas: 12:44 (Amazon)
My Little Scythe: 13:33 (Amazon)
Magic Maze Kids: 14:07
Antiquity: 15:04 (Amazon)
The Oregon Trail Game: 16:34
Let's Make a Bus Route: 17:23
Decrypto: 19:30 (Amazon)
1830: 21:27 (Amazon)
Heroes of Land, Air & Sea: 22:10 (Amazon)
Specter Ops: Broken Covenant: 23:03 (Amazon)
Letters from Whitechapel: 23:59 (Amazon)
Kribbeln: 24:46 (Amazon)
Atmosfear/Nightmare: 25:49 (Amazon)
Call of the Wild: 27:46

Ambie & Crystal's Dice Tower Con 2018 Vlog
Dice Tower Con Live Board Game Breakfast
The Dice Tower YouTube channel

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